Multimedia Journalism: What has it done for me?

Over this past semester at Sierra Nevada College I have worked on many different projects all relating to Multimedia Journalism. Entering into this class I felt like all of the experience I had with multimedia journalism was having a Facebook account, that I rarely used. 

I found out a lot of useful skills though with having to work on all of these different projects. I learned how to take photos and make them into a photo slide show to tell a story, how to create a blog and make posts, how to take and interview and edit audio, how to create a audio slide show, the importance of social media, and finally how to shoot and edit a video with audio.

Although I am a sustainability major, and my focus is more on environmental science and alternative energies, I have learned a lot about how to market myself and be more knowledgeable about technology and how to use it to my advantage.

Through writing my blog I have been able to get a few followers to look at what I am writing about. Whether it is about musical history or just history, people have been able to be informed on specific events that happened on a certain day throughout history.

I have defiantly been able to see a drastic change in my own ability to guide myself through all different aspects of multimedia, whether it is working on audio interviews, taking photos or videos, writing blogs and the whole editing process, or even having to create and make tweets for Twitter, which I will most likely never use again, I have defiantly learned a lot of new skills that can be useful for me in the future.

Overall I would say that Multimedia Journalism isn’t what I thought it would be, it’s more. I am now able to say that I have all of these different skills, and will be able to use them whenever it is necessary for me to do so.


Who ever said things have to be useful

twitter pic“Who ever said things have to be useful?” Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter said this remark about Twitter.


In March of 2006 Jack Dorsey (@Jack) Evan Williams (@Ev) and Biz Stone (@Biz) founded Twitter. They were originally looking for a way to send text on the phones and reinvent a dying company. March 6, 2006 @Jack sent the first tweet: “just setting up my twttr.”


The word Twitter if looked up in the dictionary means, a short burst of inconsequential information.


The founders were inspired for the name of Twitter based around the photo sharing service Flickr. Some of the other names that were considered though were Dodgeball and FriendStalker.


In 2008 Twitter only had 8 employees, and now they have nearly 400 employees and are still hiring. Twitter has almost 200 million users worldwide, with about 460,000 new users making accounts daily. Each day there are roughly 140 million tweets sent, nearly a billion sent in just one week.


Twitter has helped to change the media and politics both. People are able to make their own newspaper or newscast and do so instantaneously. Political messages used to be controlled by handful of people or companies, now anyone can have the ability to say what they want about whatever they just saw in politics.


For myself I was required to create a Twitter account and make 10 posts about the Sierra Nevada College’s Junior Art Portfolios. To me I felt like using Twitter was a nuisance. I didn’t like how Twitter is just used to talk or tell people about what you are up to or what is happening.


I can see how most people can become “addicted” to Twitter, and continue to make post after post, but it is just not for me. I have not been able to get past the idea that people will do, use or follow something just because it is the next popular thing out there.  Not to mention all of the people that post random things about their day, “YOLO!!!” for example.


When Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter said, “Who ever said things have to be useful?” I somewhat agree with him. I feel like Twitter isn’t that useful, and for me to want to continue to use it I would have liked for it to seem useful to me.




Sierra Nevada College goes on a hike and whitewater rafting

Over the weekend of April 4-6, Sierra Nevada College’s ODAL 301, Environmental Interpretation class, went on a trip to historical Colma, California. During this weekend they had the chance to give a guided hike to the Interdisciplinary Studies class of SNC, as well as go whitewater rafting on the South Fork of the American River.

The process of taking photos and audio interviews was something new for me. I never really took photos before with attempting to tell a story. I found it very helpful through different sets of advice to take a lot of photos because you never know which photos you will use for the story. It was also the fist time for me to take and audio interview of someone, in fact two people, and have them tell the story of what the photos are showing.

I really liked the program of sound slides. I found them to be very helpful with being able to take the photos I took and the audio interviews and place them into the same place.

Sound slides is a very simple and easy to use program that is designed to help people create their own audio slide show.

I would highly recommend to people, that if they plan on taking photos and audio and making a video out of the two to use the sound slides program.

The one thing that I wish that sound slides had incorporated into its program, would be that they should help you to edit your audio and photos in the program, instead of having to edit before of time. It would have been nice to have everything all in one place.

“27” Too young, too soon


April 5, 1994

“Thank you all from the pit of my burning, nauseous stomach for your letters and concern during the past years. I’m too much of an erratic, moody baby! I don’t have the passion anymore, and so remember, it’s better to burn out than to fade away. Peace, love, empathy. Kurt Cobain” From Cobain’s Suicide note.

On April 5, 1994 Kurt Cobain used a shotgun to commit suicide. Cobain is best known for being the lead singer and guitarist for Nirvana and also one of the best songwriters of his generation.

With many hits from only three studio albums, Cobain with Nirvana are considered the leaders of the grunge rock movement out of Seattle, Washington.  Some of the hits that Nirvana is known for are; “Come as you are,” “Lithium,” “All apologies,” “Heart Shaped box,” and most notably “Smells like teen spirit.”

nirvana_nevermind_coverThe album Nevermind, which featured three of their major hits, also helped to launch Nirvana in worldwide fame. Guitar world wrote about this album saying, “ Kurt Cobain’s guitar sound on Nirvana’s Nevermind set the tone for nineties rock music.”

Having only released three albums, Nirvana and Kurt Cobain will continue to have their legacy for music in the nineties, especially rock music.

Cobain’s age at death was something very peculiar. He has not been the only famous musician that has died young, at the age of 27. Others include; Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morison, and Amy Winehouse. These are the most notable of the musicians in the 27 Club.  27





Personal Branding

Everyone needs personal branding, a personal expert in the field Dan Schawbel states that, “ In the digital age, our name is our only currency.”


            Milena Regos, a native from Bulgaria, gave a great lecture on the importance of personal branding. Having worked with Pepsi Nestle, as well as being the marketing director for IVGID and Diamond Peak Mountain Resort and starting her own business, Out and About Marketing, Regos knows the importance of branding yourself.

Some of the statistics that Regos brought up the fact the Generation C, this generation, spends 27% of its time on online videos, 27% to social networking, 33% own a tablet, and 39% use smart phones (Nielsen).

With these statistics, you can say that people spend most of their time surrounded by technology and social media.

“Google your name and see what pops up.” Regos stated that as an employer the first thing that she does when hiring someone is not look at their resume, but what type of email they have, and then she would Google their name and see what is said about that person. Regos recommends that people look as professional as possible, buy your name so that no one else can own it. Get as social as possible by joining all of the different social networks.

The last thing that I remember Regos talking about was what not to do with branding yourself. There was a list of nine different things; 1.Don’t be Fake, be genuine, 2. No wish wash, stand out from others, 3. Think before you act, 4. It’s not the quantity that counts it’s the quality, 5.  Avoid the quest for fame, selectively become famous, 6. Don’t run out of steam, 7. Don’t forget about relationships, 8. You’re not alone use resources, 8. It’s not all about you, remember to give, 9. Don’t forget to measure if it is working.

By following these what not to do steps, you can become successful with personal branding. “Grow your network now, you never know the possibilities of what is to come.” (Regos)

The Ides of March

Julius.Caesar.2MARCH 15 44 BC

March 15 44 BC will be a day that lives in infamy. On this date, the assassination of Julius Caesar took place in Rome, in a location adjacent to the Theatre of Pompey.

Julius Caesar was the dictator of the Roman Republic for several years leading up until his assassination. The plot to assassinate Caesar began as the senators had fear in that he would overthrow the senate in favor of tyranny.

Marcus Brutus along with Gaius Cassius began to conspire against Caesar along with many other men calling them selves the liberators. The conspirators staged a game gladiatorial sport at the Theatre of Pompey, the very place where they would join together in stabbing Caesar to his death.


 Caesar was intercepted in front of the theatre, where he was escorted into another room to await the conspirators. As they were all gathered around him one of the conspirators, Tillius Climber grabbed onto Caesar’s shoulder and pulled down his tunic. At the same time another conspirator Gaius Servillius Casca had taken the first blow and began to stab Caesar. All the other conspirators began to join in on stabbing Caesar.

After the assassination of Caesar, March 15, The Ides of March was looked at in a whole new way. Before the assassination the Ides marked the halfway point of a month, and determined by the full moon.

The assassination of Caesar led to one of the most popular playwrights throughout history, named after the man who was assassinated. William Shakespeare wrote one of the most read tragedies of all time, Julius Caesar.  play-julius-ceasear

The Ides of March will ever be associated with Julius Caesar’s assassination.


The Art of Storytelling

ira-glassStorytelling is an art; through four short videos Ira Glass describes the dos and don’ts of how to tell a story.

Some of the main points that Glass talks about while telling a story for broadcasting differ from what we were taught in high school. For broadcasting the one of the main building blocks of telling a story is using anecdotes. By using an anecdote you are able to tell a story through a sequence of events.

The other main building block for story telling is the being able to have a moment for reflection. Telling the story with a sequence of events can help make the story more suspenseful and makes the listener anticipate more of the story. By leaving a moment of reflection you are able to let the listener take time to think of why they should be listening to the story, while you are able to articulate why it is that they should listening, what the main point of the story is.

Being able to find a great story is another aspect of the art of storytelling. You aren’t always going to find the best story right away it takes time.

Glass talks about how people believe that the process of producing and editing recorded story makes the story a better story, when actually looking for a great story takes the same time as everything else in the process.

Another thing that Glass brings up is “that you got to have good taste.” You may have good taste for whatever it is that you may be doing, but at the beginning of your career your early stuff is not going to be that great. It takes time to progress and find your voice for what it is that you do.

Glass gives the example of how we have all seen TV and movies, and when we try to act we copy what we have already seen done before. What he tells us is that you don’t need to copy what you have already seen done before, just be yourself.





What a Thriller!

2643869-michael-jackson-thriller-cover-400Feb 28, 1984

On this day, February 28, 1984, 29 years ago, there was quite the Thriller at the Grammy’s. Michael Jackson’s multi platinum album “Thriller” swept the Grammy’s and won the most awards in one night than anyone else before or after, a total of 8 awards.  Up until that night the most awards won in one night was previously six awards, by artist Roger Miller, and then seven awards by Paul Simon.

The King of Pop has definitely earned his title after this night. Some of the awards that he received consist of; Record of the year “Beat it”, Album of the Year “Thriller”, Vocal awards in the sections of Pop “Thriller” Rock “Beat it” and R&B “Billie Jean”, he also shared two awards with legendary producer Quincy Jones, one for the “Thriller album and the eight was for E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, which was considered the Best Recording for Children.The Spy Who Shagged Me

Michael Jackson still holds the record for the most Grammy’s won in one night, although up until recently, in 2000 he now shares the record with Santana. Santana received most of the similar awards as MJ did; Record of the year “Smooth”(featuring Rob Thomas), Album of the Year “Supernatural”, the group also won both Vocal and Instrumental awards in both Pop and Rock, and also received awards for having such diverse collaborations with artist including Eric Clapton, Rob Thomas, and Everlast.

Even with all of the supposed allegations of misbehaving with children, Michael Jackson is still one of the greatest artists of all time. Go to any dance that for either High school, College, or company gathering, guaranteed you will hear at least two songs from MJ, both of which are most likely from the multi platinum album “Thriller”. You will either hear “Beat it”, “Thriller”, or “Billie Jean” or any combination of the three, but guaranteed you will hear at least two of the three songs at any dance.Michael Jackson Moonwalk


A Day at The Dome

Throughout this Spring semester at Sierra Nevada College, I am having to take a service learning project as one of my classes. For my service learning, since I am a Sustainability major, I chose to get involved with the Tahoe Food Hub work at the growing dome out in Glenshire Truckee, California. Out at the dome I am helping out with harvesting all different types of crops, planting new crops, and helping to build a new aqua and hydroponics system for the dome! For me, this is a typical day at the dome that I am blessed with.

Show me the Money

Feb 20, 1967San_Francisco_GiantsAlex Rodriguez, the third baseman for the New York Yankees is considered the highest paid player in baseball for 2013, receiving $28,000,000. Up until the late 60’s in major league baseball players were making a five-figure salary for playing the sport they loved. But on this day February 20,1967 Willie Mays became the first person in Major league baseball’s history to break through to the six-figure salary, $100,000 a year to play for the San Francisco Giants.


Willie Mays, the “Say Hey Kid,” can arguably be considered as the greatest all-around baseball player of all time. Throughout his career, Mays’ has; been to 24 All-Star games, all consecutive and between 1959 and 1962, played in both the first and second All-Star games, is a World Series champion for the New York Giants, 12 consecutive Golden Glove Awards from 1957 to 1968, received the National League MVP in 1954 and 1965 as well as the MLB All-Star game MVP for 1963 and 1968, one of sixteen player in the history of MLB to hit 4 homeruns in one game, has his number #24 for the San Francisco Giants retired, is considered to be on the MLB All-Century team and All-Time team, and was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1979.  images

While still playing for the Giants, Mays became a good friend with Bobby Bonds, and in 1964, he became the Godfather to Bobby Bonds’ son Barry Bonds. In related news, on this day February 20, 1997, just six years ago, Bonds signed a contract with the San Francisco for $7,291,666 annually. Willie Mays and his Godson Barry Bonds both played for the San Francisco and both had record-breaking contracts that made them the highest paid professional baseball players in the league.